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<br />Staff Re apt <br />p <br />KITCHEI~T~,R Communr'ty Seruices Depar~menf www.kitchenertu <br />an ongoing growth management program that includes preparing an Annual Growth <br />Management Monitoring Report. <br />The attached report monitors growth within the built-up (intensification areas) and designated <br />Greenfield area of the City of Kitchener over the past year (from June 2010 to June 2011), and <br />provides a summary of observations and changes that may have occurred during this time <br />period compared to past information. The report also provides an analysis of how this <br />information relates to the Province's Places to Grow initiatives and the Region's Growth <br />Management Strategy. <br />Highlights: <br />The number of residents and jobs per hectare (RJs/ha) in the Urban Growth Centre (Downtown) <br />is increasing since last year's estimate of 151 RJs/ha to approximately 160 RJs/ha now. This is <br />an excellent step towards achieving the provincially-mandated target of 200 RJs/ha by 2031. <br />Another significant achievement is that the amount of residential development occurring in the <br />Built-up Area ("intensification") is 56%. This now brings the 5 year average to 41% which is very <br />close to the target that may be established for urban municipalities within this region. The City <br />and other partners have undertaken significant efforts over the past decade to support <br />intensification and this is now contributing to positive results. <br />FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />No new or additional capital budget requests are requested. <br />COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: <br />The 2011 KGMS Annual Monitoring Report will be a public document and will be posted on the <br />City's website. Some of the information was presented to the September meeting of the <br />Waterloo Region Homebuilders Liaison Committee. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />The information outlined in the attached report implements one of the action items of Goal 6 of <br />the KGMS, which is to establish an ongoing growth management program by preparing an <br />annual monitoring report to be received for information by Kitchener City Council. <br />REVIEWED BY: <br />Brandon Sloan, Manager, Long Range and Policy Planning <br />ACKNOWLEDGED BY: Jeff Willmer, Deputy CAO <br />Community Services Department <br />Attachment: <br />2011 KGMS Annual Monitoring Report <br />2- 2 <br />