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Kitchener Growth Management Strategy <br />2011 Annual Monitoring Report <br />CSD-11-133 <br />1.0 Executive Summary <br />Growth management is a community priority. In response to numerous directions, <br />including Compass Kitchener and the "Who-are-you-Kitchener" surveys, Kitchener City <br />Council approved the Kitchener Growth Management Strategy (KGMS) in support of the <br />City's Strategic Plan. Kitchener is expected to accommodate a relatively significant <br />amount of residential and employment growth over the next twenty years. We are also <br />mandated by the Province to achieve certain numerical targets and other planning <br />objectives. <br />Although other municipalities have established growth management programs, Kitchener <br />is on the leading edge with respect to the ability to track and monitor specific growth data <br />in a dynamic manner. As part of Kitchener's ongoing growth management program the <br />intent is to continually refine the data, improve the dynamic capabilities and provide <br />information to help support numerous corporate studies and infrastructure projects. A <br />`snapshot' of the data is contained within this KGMS - 2011 Annual Monitoring Report. <br />The results of the updated growth management data are encouraging. The number of <br />residents and jobs per hectare (RJs/ha) in the Urban Growth Centre (Downtown) is <br />gradually increasing from approximately 151 RJs/ha last year to approximately 160 <br />RJs/ha. This is an excellent step towards achieving the provincially-mandated target of <br />200 RJs/ha by 2031. Another significant achievement is that the amount of residential <br />development occurring in the Built-up Area is 56%. This now brings the 5 year average <br />to 41% which is very close to the target for urban municipalities within this region. The <br />City and other partners have undertaken significant efforts over the past decade to <br />support intensification which are now contributing to positive results. <br />2.0 Introduction <br />In 2009, Council approved the Kitchener Growth Management Strategy (KGMS). The <br />KGMS provides a framework for planning where and how future residential and <br />employment growth can be accommodated in Kitchener while positively contributing to <br />our quality of life. The goals and actions outlined in the KGMS support the provincial <br />1 <br />2-4 <br />Downtown -King Street Adaptive Reuse -Lang Tannery <br />Warehouse District <br />