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PROCEDURE <br />1.9 Member - defined <br />“member” means a Councillor of the Council. <br /> <br />1.10 Motion (main) - defined <br />“motion (main)” means any motion except one to: <br />(a) extend the time of the meeting; <br />(b) refer; <br />(c) amend; <br />(d) lay on the table; <br />(e) postpone to a certain day (or indefinitely); <br />(f) adjourn. <br /> <br />1.11 Motion to receive and file - defined <br />“motion to receive and file” means a motion to acknowledge the particular item, report, or <br />recommendation under consideration, and to have the item, report, or recommendation <br />placed in the records of the Clerk for future reference. <br /> <br />1.12 Motion (subsidiary) - defined <br />“motion (subsidiary)” means any motion which affects the disposition of a main motion, <br />by bringing it to an immediate vote, or by delaying or by deferring a decision thereon. <br /> <br />1.13 Notice of motion - defined <br />“notice of motion” means a written notice given by a member, advising Council of a <br />specific motion which will be brought to a subsequent meeting. <br /> <br />1.14 Personal privilege - defined <br />“personal privilege” means the raising of a question which concerns a member or the <br />Council collectively, when a member believes that his/her rights or integrity, or the rights <br />or integrity of Council as a whole, have been challenged. <br /> <br />1.15 Point of information - defined <br />“point of information” is a request directed to the Mayor, or through the Mayor to another <br />member or to the staff, for information relevant to the business at hand, but not related to <br />a point of procedure. <br /> <br />1.16 Point of order - defined <br />“point of order” means a statement made by a member during a meeting, drawing to the <br />attention of the Chair, a breach of the rules of procedure. <br /> <br /> <br />1.17 Point of procedure - defined <br />“point of procedure” means a question directed to the Mayor to obtain information on a <br />matter of parliamentary law or the rules of Council relating to the business at hand, in <br />order to assist a member to make an appropriate motion, raise a point of order, <br />understand the parliamentary situation or the effect of a motion. <br /> <br />KITCHENER 25.2 May 2022 <br /> <br />