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70.1.1 DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT AREA 70.2.1 <br />70.3.6 Special charge - annual levy <br />70.3.7 Special charge - collection <br />Article 4 <br />EFFECTIVE DATE - BY-LAW - CONDITIONS <br />70.4.1 Ontario Municipal Board - approval - required <br />Ontario Municipal Board - approval - obtained <br />SCHEDULE <br />Schedule `A' - Maps - Downtown Improvement Area <br />Article I <br />INTERPRETATION <br />70.1.1 Improvement Area - designated - Schedule `A' <br />The area of the City of Kitchener contained within or enclosed by heavy out- <br />line on the Map attached hereto as Schedule `A' is hereby designated as an <br />Improvement Area to be known as the Downtown Improvement Area. <br />70.1.2 Auditor - designated <br />The City Auditor shall be the Auditor of the Board and all books, documents, <br />transactions, minutes and accounts of the Board shall, at all times, be open to <br />his/her inspection. <br />Article 2 <br />BOARD OF MANAGEMENT <br />70.2.1 Establishment <br />A Board of Management for the said Improvement Area is hereby estab- <br />lished which shall be known as the Downtown Improvement Area Board of <br />Management. <br />DECEMBER 1995 70.2 KITCHENER <br />