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81l1 COMMITTEE OFADJUSTMENT 81.2.4 <br /> Planning Act, S.8 /995m the Council g[The Corporation Y/the City g[ <br /> Kitchener- <br /> AND WHEREAS City Council deems it desirable to continue to delegate <br /> this authority m the Committee qfA9jm/mmt. <br /> Article l <br /> DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY <br /> 81.1.1 Conmenr-grondng <br /> All authority of City Council for the giving of consents under section 53of <br /> thnPlanningArt,8.O. lVV5iy hereby delegated to the Committee of&djust- <br /> oznu. <br /> Article 2 <br /> PRACTICE <br /> 81.2.1 /kurhodry- eseroimeo[ <br /> The Committee of Adjustment,iuexercising the authority delegated hy Sec- <br /> tion 8l.l.l shall comply with the conditions contained iu this Article. <br /> 81.2.2 Official Policies Plon-to be regarded <br /> The Committee of Adjustment shall ensure consistency with the Official <br /> Policies Plan(ROPP)of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and the Of- <br /> ficial Plan of the area municipality when considering an application for <br /> consent. <br /> 81.2.8 /kpplioodon-requemrforoomumuenr <br /> The Committee of Adjustment shall,at least 14 days prior to a decision,pro- <br /> vide a copy of the application,key map,an explanation of the proposal and a <br /> request for comments to the Regional Commissioner of Planning and Cul- <br /> ture,the Regional Commissioner of Engineering and,where private water <br /> supply or private ynwugn yoviony are proposed, to the Regional Director, <br /> Healthy Environments. <br /> 81.2.4 Publiomueedng-byrheComumuioeeo[/kdjumrmuenr <br /> The Coozozoue of Adjustment shall, pursuant to oluuyn 53 (4) (u) of the <br /> PlanningAct,8.O. lVV5,hold u public meeting pursuant to section 55ofthe <br /> Municipal Act, R.8.O 1990, c. M445. For the purposes of this delegation <br /> by-law,the hearing on the application shall be deemed to be the public meet- <br /> ing.Any person or public body wishing to make an oral presentation shall be <br /> given the opportunity. <br /> /uwe 1998 81.2 xurcxnwen <br />