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90.1.1 LACAC 90.2.2 <br /> Article 1 <br /> LOCAL ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION <br /> ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br /> 90.1.1 Establishment <br /> The Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee,to be known as <br /> Heritage Kitchener,is hereby established in order to advise and assist Coun- <br /> cil as to all matters relating to the designation of properties by municipalities <br /> to conserve buildings of historic and architectural value and to the establish- <br /> ment of heritage conservation districts within the municipality pursuant to <br /> the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Pict. By-law 87-182, 17 August, <br /> 1987;By-law 97-46, 3 March, 1996. <br /> 90.1.2 Composition-term of office <br /> The said Committee shall consist of not fewer than five members, one of <br /> whom shall be a member of Council,the remainder of whom shall be quali- <br /> fied to be elected as members of Council and all of whom shall be appointed <br /> annually by resolution of Council. <br /> 90.1.3 Re-appointment <br /> Each member is eligible for re-appointment on the expiration of his/her term <br /> of office. <br /> 90.1.4 Vacancy-how filled <br /> Where a vacancy occurs in the Committee for any reason,Council shall,by <br /> resolution,appoint a person qualified according to Section 90.1.2 hereof to <br /> be a member of the Committee who shall hold office for the remainder of the <br /> term for which his/her predecessor was appointed. <br /> Article 2 <br /> PRACTICE <br /> 90.2.1 Meetings-regular <br /> Meetings of the Committee shall be held at such times as the Committee may <br /> determine and shall be conducted in a parliamentary fashion in accordance <br /> with such rules of procedure as the Committee may adopt. <br /> 90.2.2 Meetings-with Council <br /> Notwithstanding Section 90.2.1 the Committee shall meet with Council as <br /> requested by Council for the purpose of consultation where Council <br /> proposes to: <br /> DECEMBER 1997 90.2 KITCHENER <br />