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298.1.8 YOUR KITCHENER MARKET 298.2.5 <br /> 298.1.8 Permit-defined <br /> "permit"means the permission granted by the Manager to Farmers'Market <br /> Vendors to locate their business at the Farmers' Market and shall include <br /> terms and conditions of use. <br /> 298.1.9 Person-defined <br /> "person"means an individual,sole proprietorship,partnership,unincorpo- <br /> rated association,trust, or a body corporate. <br /> 298.1.10 Regulations-defined <br /> "regulations"means the Market Management and Operations Manual as ap- <br /> proved and amended from time to time by City Council. <br /> 298.1.11 Vendor-defined <br /> "vendor"means any Farmers' Market Vendor or Market Shops Vendor as <br /> herein defined. <br /> 298.1.12 Your Kitchener Market-defined <br /> "Your Kitchener Market" means both the Farmers' Market and Market <br /> Shops as herein defined. <br /> Article 2 <br /> GENERAL PROVISIONS <br /> 298.2.1 Establishment-location <br /> Your Kitchener Market shall be established on King Street East,more par- <br /> ticularly described as those lands belonging to the City for Market purposes <br /> and bounded by King Street East,Eby Street,Duke Street and Cedar Street, <br /> and shall include portions of Market Lane and Eby Street when closed for <br /> Market purposes. <br /> 298.2.2 Policy and regulation-established by Council <br /> Your Kitchener Market shall be governed by policy and regulations estab- <br /> lished by Council. <br /> 298.2.3 Permit fees-prescribed by Council <br /> Permit fees shall be in an amount as prescribedby Council from time to time. <br /> 298.2.4 Management-authority <br /> Your Kitchener Market shall be under the direct charge,care and manage- <br /> ment of a Manager who shall have full responsibility for the administration <br /> of Your Kitchener Market and enforcement of the policy and regulations. <br /> 298.2.5 Sale of goods-permit required <br /> No person shall sell or offer to sell at the Farmers'Market,directly or indi- <br /> rectly,any produce,articles or goods without first having obtained a permit <br /> from the Manager. <br /> KITCHENER 298.3 JUNE 2004 <br />