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320.1.2 DEVELOPMENT CHARGES 320.2.2 <br /> 320.1.2 Lien-upon land-collection <br /> The charge or charges imposed under this Chapter are a lien upon the land on <br /> which the building is erected and may be collected in the same manner and <br /> with the same remedies as provided by the Municipal Act for the collection <br /> of real property taxes. <br /> 320.1.3 Exemptions-Municipal Act- applicable <br /> Any charges imposed under this Chapter are subject to the exemptions as <br /> outlined in subsection 215(6)of the Municipal Act,R.S.O. 1980,c. 302. <br /> Article 2 <br /> APPROVAL <br /> 320.2.1 By-law-previous- repealed <br /> By-law Number 73-111-P is hereby repealed. <br /> 320.2.2 Ontario Municipal Board- approval-required <br /> Subject to the approval of the Ontario Municipal Board,this Chapter shall <br /> come into force and take effect upon the date of final passage hereof.By-law <br /> 88-177, 12 September, 1988. <br /> Ontario Municipal Board-approval received <br /> Note: By-law 88-177 approved by the Ontario Municipal Board July 26, <br /> 1988. File No. E. 880401. <br /> NOVEMBER 1988 320.2 KITCHENER <br />