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450.1.1 NOISE 450.3.1 <br /> Article 10 <br /> ENFORCEMENT <br /> 450.10.1 Fine- for contravention <br /> 450.10.2 Inspection -right of entry <br /> Article 1 <br /> INTERPRETATION <br /> 450.1.1 Noise-defined <br /> Without limiting the generality of the provisions of Section 450.2.1 the fol- <br /> lowing noises or sounds set out in Sections 450.3.1 through 450.8.3,inclu- <br /> sive, shall be deemed to be unusual noises or noises likely to disturb the <br /> inhabitants.By-law 87-258, 13 October, 1987. <br /> 450.1.2 Officer-defined <br /> "officer"means any municipal aw enforcement officer or by-law enforce- <br /> ment officer ofThe Corporation of the City of Kitchener,and any member of <br /> the Waterloo Regional Police Services.By-law 2009-064,6 April,2009. <br /> Article 2 <br /> UNUSUAL NOISE -PROHIBITED <br /> 450.2.1 Unusual noise-prohibited <br /> No person shall,within the territorial imits of the City ring any bell,blow or <br /> sound any horn or cause or permit the same to be rung,blown or sounded, <br /> shout or make any unusual noise or noise likely to disturb the inhabitants or <br /> cause or permit the same to be made.By-law 87-258, 13 October, 1987. <br /> 450.2.2 Adult of dwelling-responsibility <br /> Every adult tenant and every adult occupant of a dwelling unit is deemed to <br /> permit noise likely to disturb the inhabitants contrary to this Chapter where <br /> unusual noise or noise likely to disturb the inhabitants emanates from the <br /> dwelling unit. By-law 2010-191, 15 November,2010. <br /> Article 3 <br /> MOTOR VEHICLE <br /> 450.3.1 Warning device-lawful use only <br /> The sounding of any bell,horn,siren or other warning device on any motor <br /> vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile, bicycle or other vehicle of whatsoever <br /> kind except when permitted by law. <br /> KITCHENER 450.3 DECEMBER 2010 <br />