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465l1 OMB SOLE ARBITRATOR 465.2.2 <br /> arbitrator by by-law nnortedpux,uon/ to section 198 Yf the Municipal <br /> Art; <br /> AND WHEREAS the Council Yfthe City Yf Kitchener has now J,x,r- <br /> m/nnd/6o///nou6/6nu/prvpr/ox,/6o//6n0nmr/oM/n/ripo/B"oxfoon- <br /> //nunm6nor6/onmrvo&,/v/nn:y,or/Yfor6/on6&,moonrv6n^°:rn/6n <br /> City Yf&Jx6nnor and other municipalities Y/pu6lir bodies, but that all <br /> other arbitrations m which the City isoporty and which are governed 6y <br /> the M/n/ripo/Ar/or the Municipal Arbitrations Act 6n conducted 6qforr <br /> o/uJgnY/thn Ontario Superior Court Y{/vvtiorpux,uon/m section/y7Yf <br /> the Municipal Act. <br /> Article l <br /> DESIGNATIONS <br /> 465.1.1 Ontario Municipal Board <br /> The Ontario Municipal Board iy hereby designated uy the sole arbitrator for <br /> the City iu respect of arbitrable disputes arising solely between the City and <br /> one or more municipalities or public bodies and in respect of matters falling <br /> within the jurisdiction of the said Board pursuant to section lV8of the Mu- <br /> nicipal Art, R.88. lVV0,o.M445. <br /> 465.1.2 PubDobodJ-defined <br /> For the purposes of Section 465.1.1,"public body"means any municipality, <br /> local hounJ, government ministry or Jnpuuoznut, hounJ, 000noiyyiou, <br /> ugnuoy or official of provincial or federal government or u First Nation. <br /> 465.1.8 Other arbitrable disputes <br /> All other arbitrable disputes to which the City is a party and which are gov- <br /> emed by the Municipal Act or the Munici p al Arbitrations Act shall be con- <br /> ducted before a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. <br /> Article <br /> REPEAL-ENACTMENT <br /> 465.2.1 By-law-previous <br /> Chapter 465of the City of Kitchener Municipal Code iy hereby repealed. <br /> 465.2.2 Effective date <br /> This Chapter shall come into force uyof the date of the final passing ofthe <br /> enabling hy-6w. By-law 2002-l2V,2 July,2002. <br /> JULY 2002 465.2 xurcxnwen <br />