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645.1.1 REFRIGERATORS 645.3.1 <br /> Article I <br /> INTERPRETATION <br /> 645.1.1 Person-defined <br /> "person"includes a firm or corporation; <br /> 645.1.2 Container-defined <br /> "container"means a trunk,suitcase,cupboard,chest or box and,in this case, <br /> any fixture or appliance that has a box or chest therein; <br /> 645.1.3 Refrigerator-defined <br /> "refrigerator"means an ice box,a freezer or a cooler; <br /> 645.1.4 Within a dwelling-defined <br /> "within a dwelling"does not include within or on a porch or verandah,yard, <br /> curtilage or accessory building. <br /> Article 2 <br /> UNUSED -REFRIGERATOR CONTAINER <br /> 645.2.1 Locks-doors-to be removed <br /> No person shallleave,keep or permit upon any lands or in or upon any pre- <br /> mises occupied by such person or under his/her control any refrigerator or <br /> container not then being used for the purpose for which it was manufactured <br /> or produced,without first removing all locks and doors therefrom and taking <br /> such other adequate precautionary measures as may be necessary to prevent <br /> any person from being trapped in such refrigerator or container or any part <br /> thereof. <br /> Article 3 <br /> ABANDONMENT <br /> 645.3.1 Exceptions- delivery-display-exhibit <br /> Section 645.2.1 of this Chapter shall not apply where a refrigerator or other <br /> container: <br /> (a) is being delivered by a manufacturer or dealer in such goods;or <br /> (b) is being stored, or displayed for sale by a manufacturer of or <br /> dealer in such goods within a building partly or wholly occu- <br /> pied by or under the control of the said manufacturer or dealer; <br /> or <br /> NOVEMBER 1988 645.2 KITCHENER <br />