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HERITAGE PROPERTY <br /> Article 3 <br /> DELEGATION OF GRANTING OF PERMITS <br /> ON PART V APPLICATIONS <br /> 642.3.1 Authority-delegated to Coordinator <br /> 642.3.2 Application-consideration-heritage planning staff <br /> 642.3.3 Referral to Heritage Kitchener-conditions <br /> 642.3.4 Application refused-referral to Heritage Kitchener <br /> Article 4 <br /> GENERAL PROVISIONS <br /> 642.4.1 Retention of delegated authority <br /> 642.4.2 Referral-to Council-for any reason <br /> 642.4.3 Delegation of authority to request information <br /> Article 5 <br /> SEVERABILITY <br /> 642.5.1 Validity <br /> WHEREAS section 9 of the Municipal Pict, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, as <br /> amended,provides that a municipality has the capacity,rights,powers and <br /> privileges of a natural person for the purpose of exercising its authority un- <br /> der that or any other Act; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 11(3)5 of theMunicipalAct,2001 provides that a <br /> municipality may pass by-laws within the culture,parks,recreation and heri- <br /> tage sphere of jurisdiction; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 8(1)of theMunicipalAct,2001 provides that the <br /> powers of a municipality under any Act shall be interpreted broadly so as to <br /> confer broad authority on municipalities to enable them to govern their af- <br /> fairs as they consider appropriate,and to enhance their ability to respond to <br /> municipal issues; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 23.1 of theMunicipalAct,2001 provides that sec- <br /> tions 9 and 11 of the Municipal Act, 2001 authorize a municipality to dele- <br /> gate its powers under the Municipal Pict, 2001 or any Act,subject to certain <br /> limitations; <br /> JUNE 2009 642.2 KITCHENER <br />