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GRAFFITI <br /> 637.3.8 Work order-issued-to remedy-contravention <br /> 637.3.9 Work order-conditions <br /> 637.3.10 Application-existing graffiti-prior to enactment <br /> 637.3.11 Contravention-deemed offence <br /> 637.3.12 Remedial action-done by City-owner's expense <br /> 637.3.13 Enforcement-authorized person <br /> Article 4 <br /> ENFORCEMENT <br /> 637.4.1 Fine-for contravention <br /> Article 5 <br /> VALIDITY <br /> 637.5.1 Severability <br /> WHEREAS the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, subsection 8 (1) <br /> provides that the powers of a municipality under the Act shall be inter- <br /> preted broadly so as to confer broad authority on it to enable it to govern <br /> its affairs as it considers appropriate and to enhance its ability to respond <br /> to municipal issues; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 128 oftheMunicipalAct,2001,S.0.2001,c.25 <br /> provides that a local municipality may prohibit and regulate with respect <br /> to public nuisances, including matters that, in the opinion of Council are <br /> or could become public nuisances; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 425 oftheMunicipalAct,2001,S.0.2001,c.25 <br /> provides that a municipality may pass by-laws providing that a person <br /> who contravenes a by-law of the municipality is guilty of an of <br /> AND WHEREAS the opinion of Council o f The Corporation o f the City of <br /> Kitchener is that graffiti is a public nuisance; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 436oftheMunicipalAct,2001,S.0.2001,c.25 <br /> provides that a municipality has the power to pass by-laws providing that <br /> the municipality may enter on land at any reasonable time for the purpose <br /> of carrying out an inspection to determine whether or not a by-law of the <br /> municipality is being complied with; <br /> JUNE 2010 637.2 KITCHENER <br />