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640.1.1 HEAT IN RENTED DWELLINGS 640.2.2 <br /> 640.4.4 Remedy by City-recovable as taxes <br /> Article I <br /> INTERPRETATION <br /> 640.1.1 Adequate and suitable heat- defined <br /> ,.adequate and suitable heat'means that the minimum temperature of the air <br /> in the accommodation which is available to the tenant or lessee is 21 degrees <br /> Celsius(70 degrees Fahrenheit). <br /> 640.1.2 Corporation- defined <br /> "Corporation"shall mean The Corporation of the City of Kitchener. <br /> 640.1.3 Officer-defined <br /> "officer"shall include the Director of Enforcement,a by-law officer,a mu- <br /> nicipal law enforcement officer,or any person appointed by the Corporation <br /> whose duties include the enforcement of this Chapter.By-law 2011-136,19 <br /> September,2011. <br /> Article 2 <br /> ADEQUATE AND SUITABLE <br /> 640.2.1 Duty of landlord-to provide <br /> That every building or part of a building within the City which is rented or <br /> leased as dwelling or living accommodation and which,as between the ten- <br /> ant or lessee and the landlord,is normally heated by or at the expense of the <br /> landlord shall be provided with adequate and suitable heat by or at the ex- <br /> pense of the landlord. By-law 87-181, 17 August, 1987. <br /> 640.2.2 Space heaters-use-restriction <br /> Space heaters may not be used as a heat source for the purpose of obtaining <br /> compliance with the provisions of this by-law except: <br /> (a) on a temporary basis as reasonably necessary;and <br /> (b) where powered solely by electricity. <br /> OCTOBER 2011 640.2 KITCHENER <br />