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691.1.1 TREES -PROTECTION 691.2.1 <br /> WHEREAS section 135 of the Municipal Act,2001 allows the Council of <br /> municipality to pass by-laws to prohibit or regulate the destruction or injur- <br /> ing of trees; <br /> AND WHEREAS section 137 qf the Municipal Pict, 2001 authorizes a mu- <br /> nicipality to enter and inspect any land to determine whether a by-law <br /> passed under section 135 is being complied with. <br /> AND WHEREAS the Council qfThe Corporation qfthe City qfKitchener is <br /> desirous qfpassing a by-law to prohibit or regulate the destruction or injur- <br /> ing of trees. <br /> Article I <br /> INTERPRETATION <br /> 691.1.1 Council- defined <br /> "Council"means the Council of The Corporation of the City of Kitchener. <br /> 691.1.2 Land- defined <br /> "land"shall include trees and vegetation situated thereon.By-law 2005-140, <br /> 4 July,2005. <br /> 691.1.3 Officer-defined <br /> ,.officer"means a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer for The Corporation <br /> of the City of Kitchener or staff from the Infrastructure Services Department <br /> as designated by the Manager of Park Planning,Development and Opera- <br /> tions, or his/her designate. By-law 2005-140, 4 July, 2005; By-law <br /> 2011-047,28 March,2011. <br /> 691.1.4 Pest- defined <br /> "pest"means any insect or disease that,in the opinion of the Urban Forester, <br /> can cause catastrophic loss to the urban forest,and shall specifically include <br /> the insects and diseases as included on Schedule 'A'. By-law 2005-140,4 <br /> July,2005. <br /> 691.1.5 Urban Forester-defined <br /> "Urban Forester"means those staff within the Infrastructure Services De- <br /> partmeritthat are responsible for the long-term planning and management of <br /> the urban forest,with the City of Kitchener.By-law 2005-140,4 July,2005; <br /> By-law 2011-047,28 March,2011. <br /> Article 2 <br /> GENERAL PROVISIONS <br /> 691.2.1 Entry on private property-for inspection <br /> An officer may,at any reasonable time,enter and inspect any land to deter- <br /> mine whether this Chapter is being complied with. <br /> APRIL 2011 691.2 KITCHENER <br />