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691.2.2 TREES -PROTECTION 691.4.1 <br /> 691.2.2 Owner-occupant- responsibility to ensure no pests <br /> All owners or occupants of land shall,at all times,keep their land free from <br /> any pest. <br /> Article 3 <br /> ENFORCEMENT <br /> 691.3.1 Fine-for contravention <br /> Any person who contravenes any provision of this Chapter is guilty of an of- <br /> fence and is liable,upon conviction,to a fine not exceeding Five Thousand <br /> Dollars($5,000),exclusive of costs,for each offence,recoverable under the <br /> Provincial Offences Act. <br /> Article 4 <br /> SEVERABILITY <br /> 691.4.1 Validity <br /> It is hereby declared that each and every of the provisions of the Chapter is <br /> severable and that if any provisions of this Chapter should,for any reason,be <br /> declared invalid by any court,it is the intention and desire of this Council that <br /> each and every of the then remaining provisions hereof shall remain in full <br /> force and effect.By-law 2005-140,4 July,2005. <br /> KITCHENER 691.3 JULY 2005 <br />