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683.1.1 SITE PLAN CONTROL 683.1.1 <br /> by-law,designate the whole or any part of such area as a site plan control <br /> area and by reference to one or more land use designations contained in a <br /> zoning by-law; <br /> AND WHEREAS Kitchener's Official Plan, known as the Municipal <br /> Plan,adopted by City Council on May 24, 1994 and approved by the Re- <br /> gional Council on May 25, 1995,has established a proposed site plan con- <br /> trol area which encompasses all of the lands within the boundaries of the <br /> City and is applicable to all land use designations with certain exclusions <br /> therein and hereinafter set out; <br /> AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to designate the whole of the <br /> City as a site plan control area subject to the said exclusions. <br /> Article 1 <br /> DESIGNATION-AREA <br /> 683.1.1 All lands-within city boundaries-exceptions <br /> All of the lands encompassed within the boundaries of The Corporation of <br /> the City of Kitchener are hereby designated as a Site Plan Control Area for <br /> all development, excluding: <br /> (a) farm operations, farm buildings and the residence of the farm <br /> operator on agriculturally zoned land; and <br /> (b) single detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings and du- <br /> plexes except those permitted within or contiguous to Major <br /> Open Space Areas, Environmentally Sensitive Policy Areas, <br /> Ecologically Significant Areas and those single detached <br /> dwellings,semi-detached dwellings and duplexes forming part <br /> of a vacant land condominium,zero lot line,linked housing,or <br /> similar innovation in house grouping developments as provided <br /> for in Part 4, Section 1.6 of the City's Municipal Plan.By-law <br /> 86-137, 14 July, 1986;By-law 2001-224,26 November,2001; <br /> By-law 2007-41,26 February,2007. <br /> JUNE 2009 683.2 KITCHENER <br />