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690.2.1 TREES 690.4.1 <br />Article 2 <br />COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT <br />690.2.1 Authority <br />The Department is hereby authorized to administer, carry out and enforce <br />the provisions of this Chapter and perform all acts and give all consents here- <br />under that are not required by law to be given by this Council. <br />690.2.2 Planting - care - maintenance <br />The Department is hereby authorized and requested to do all acts necessary <br />to provide for the planting, care and maintenance of all trees on City prop- <br />erty. Care and maintenance includes, where necessary in the public interest, <br />pruning of trees provided that they are preserved so far as is reasonably <br />possible. <br />Article 3 <br />PROHIBITIONS <br />690.3.1 Damage - destruction - injury <br />No person shall: <br />(a) deface, cut, pollard, injure, cause compaction to or otherwise <br />damage or destroy any tree or part thereof, <br />(b) damage, destroy or remove any supporting post, stake or guard <br />attached to or around a tree; or <br />(c) cut down, root up or remove any tree or part thereof, whether <br />living or dead. <br />690.3.2 Animals - other attachments <br />No person shall fasten, tie or attach any animal, fence, wire, bill or notice to <br />any tree or to any post, stake or guard which supports a tree and any such ani- <br />mal or material may be removed therefrom without notice or recompense to <br />the owner thereof. <br />Article 4 <br />CONSTRUCTION <br />690.4.1 Injury - causing during work - prohibited <br />Any contractor, commission or corporation or any other organization, per- <br />son or individual, having a contract for paving streets, constructing side- <br />walks or excavating or doing any work on City property, shall when <br />executing such work or contract take all necessary steps to avoid injuring <br />any tree and in this connection, shall obey any lawful direction given by a re- <br />sponsible officer of the Department. <br />KITCHENER 690.3 JANUARY 2002 <br />