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877.1.1 SIDEWALKS -DOWNTOWN- SNOW 877.3.1 <br /> Article 1 <br /> ANNUAL COST- SPECIAL ASSESSMENT <br /> 877.1.1 Land-abutting-streets-Schedule`A' <br /> Hereafter the annual cost of clearing of snow on downtown sidewalks on the <br /> several streets in the City of Kitchener mentioned in Schedule `A' of this <br /> Chapter shall be specially assessed upon the land abutting directly on such <br /> streets according to the frontage thereof, provided that in the case of the <br /> length of the flank or side of comer lot,a reduction shall be made in the cost <br /> of such services to be specially assessed against the length of the flank or side <br /> of such comer lot by granting an allowance of seventy-five(75)percent of <br /> the length of the flank or side of such corner lot provided that if the allow- <br /> ance so calculated exceeds thirty-six decimal fifty eight(36.58)metres,the <br /> allowance to be granted shall be thirty-six decimal fifty-eight(36.58)metres. <br /> By-law 76-21,9 February, 1976;By-law 81-57,23 February, 1981. <br /> Article 2 <br /> COLLECTION <br /> 877.2.1 Collector's Roll-entered on <br /> The amount of said special rates respectively shall be entered on the Collec- <br /> tor's Roll and shall become due and be collected in and by like instalments <br /> and in like manner as other taxes. <br /> Article 3 <br /> REPEAL <br /> 877.3.1 By-law-previous <br /> By-law 75-38 of'the City of'Kitchener is hereby repealed.By-law 76-21,9 <br /> February, 1976. <br /> DECEMBER 1989 877.2 KITCHENER <br />