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policy drafted by City staff and operates within the authority <br />and powers outlined in the Ontario Building Code and the Ontario Heritage Act. <br />The City of Hamilton established a Built Heritage Emergency Management protocol in <br />2005, prior to significant changes being made to the Ontario Heritage Act later that <br />same year. In keeping with , City staff used the City of Hamilton <br />protocol as a guide in outlining when the policy is to be followed, and what the roles and <br />responsibilities of various parties are in carrying out the policy. While the City of <br />Hamilton protocol was used as a guide, the Kitchener policy considers and accounts for <br />changes made to the Ontario Heritage Act in 2005. <br />What does this policy apply to? <br />The Kitchener Built Heritage Emergency Management policy applies to property <br />designated under the Ontario Heritage Act (including property for which a Notice of <br />Intention to Designate has been passed) and property formally listed by Council on the <br />Municipal Heritage Register. <br />When does this policy apply? <br />Order (Emergency Order or an Order to Remedy and Unsafe Building) and: <br />(a) the City is the owner of the built heritage resource; <br />(b) the owner of the built heritage resource has failed to comply with the <br />Order and the Chief Building Official intervenes or anticipates intervention <br />to ensure compliance; <br />(c) the owner of the built heritage resource proposes to comply with the Order <br />by effecting demolition of the built heritage resource in whole or in part; or <br />(d) the issued Order is an Emergency Order pursuant to section 15.7(1) of <br />Building Code Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c. 23. (for example, where there is a <br />threat of imminent collapse and the owner may not have an opportunity to <br />consider or comply with the Order). <br />How does this policy address the appropriate management of built heritage resources <br />when an Order has been issued? <br />The policy outlines the role of the Chief Building Official and of other City staff in <br />situations where this policy applies; and establishes that when in a position to do so, <br />advice (as defined in the policy) shall be obtained from aqualified heritage professional, <br />meaning one or more qualified structural engineers who have relevant experience in the <br />conservation of heritage structures (including such professionals who are also members <br />of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals). <br />In Chief Building Official has <br />identified and been in contact with qualified heritage professionals who are members of <br />the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals and who could be retained by the <br />City to provide advice in situations where this policy applies. <br /> <br />1 - 2 <br /> <br />