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The City of Kitchener receives approximately 100 complaints per season that <br />are logged by the Corporate Contact Centre related to city-maintained <br />sidewalks. A review of the types of complaints identifies the opportunity to <br />evaluate specific strategies to reduce the volume of complaints. <br /> The full impact of ION construction and snow loading requires evaluation this <br />season. <br /> The City is currently conducting a pilot on year-round maintenance of trails and <br />pathways around schools which, depending on the outcome of the pilot, may <br />create pressure on the sidewalk winter maintenance resources. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />Through the 2015 budget process, Council approved a motion directing staff to examine <br />sidewalk snow clearing operations as follows: <br /> in <br />community consultation to determine if any changes are required; and further, <br />2. Circulate the previous report completed on sidewalk snow clearing to Council <br />and report back on the practices of other large municipalities including the <br />impact of implementing a similar level of service in 2016 or beyond. <br />The -Law was reviewed in late 2015 and <br />Council approved a number of enforcement improvements related to response times, <br />chronic problem areas, 24 hour wait period, bare pavement requirement and public <br />awareness (CSD-15-089). Enforcement noted there was a significant improvement in <br />the length of time it took to respond to and clear sidewalks that were not in compliance, <br />which resulted in a decreased number of calls from frustrated residents. Enforcement <br />was also able to take a proactive approach to chronic problem areas which no longer <br />required residents to call in repeatedly for the same address. <br />The purpose of this report is to inform Councilof the practices of other municipalities <br />and the impact of implementing an expanded city-wide winter sidewalk maintenance <br />program. <br />The previous reports on sidewalk snow clearing (INS-11-055, CSD-08-002, CSD-07- <br />087)were circulated to Council on October 26, 2015. <br />Summary of Existing Sidewalk Snow Clearing Practices <br />Currently the City of Kitchener, through the Operations - Environmental Services <br />Division, maintains sidewalks throughout the winter fronting all City owned properties <br />and back-lotted properties. In addition, sidewalks in the downtown areas are <br />maintained by the City and funded through special by-law taxation to downtown <br />properties.The average annual revenue received through the downtown winter <br />sidewalk maintenance is $95,000. <br />12 - 2 <br /> <br />