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BACKGROUND: <br />On April 23, 2014, Council directed staff to prepare terms of reference for an integrated climate <br />action plan for the City of Kitchener that would address both corporate mitigation and <br />adaptation strategies, and report back to Council. <br />On November 16, 2015, Council approved the terms of reference for the Corporate Climate <br />Action Plan to be included on the 2016-2019 business plan, including the following principles: <br />continue to use the PCP framework to plan and manage the City’s progress on GHG <br />reductions; adopt the ICLEI climate change adaptation methodology to plan and manage the <br />City’s progress on climate change adaptation strategies exploring actions that meet both <br />mitigation and adaptation objectives; and explore opportunities to work collaboratively with the <br />Region of Waterloo, the City of Waterloo, the City of Cambridge and other community <br />stakeholders on the BARC program using the ICLEI BARC Program. <br />The approved terms of reference for the City of Kitchener corporate climate action plan <br />identifies the following key components that will be included for Council approval in 2018: <br />1. A vision for the City of Kitchener’s corporate climate action plan; <br />2. Mitigation and adaptation goals for the next 10 years, including a corporate greenhouse <br />gas reduction target for the City of Kitchener; <br />3. A list of priority mitigation and adaptation actions that will contribute to the City’s climate <br />action goals, including existing and new measures to be implemented; <br />4. A detailed implementation plan that includes: estimated costs, funding sources, <br />responsibilities, and timelines; and <br />5. A plan for monitoring the implementation status of mitigation and adaptation actions and <br />progress towards the corporate emissions reduction target. <br />This is the first of a series of three reports that will be presented to Council for approval leading <br />up to the presentation of a comprehensive Corporate Climate Action Plan for the City of <br />Kitchener in the spring of 2018.Each report represents the completion of one or more major <br />milestones in the planning process and will be submitted to the Federation of Canadian <br />Municipalities for recognition under the Partners for Climate Protection Program. <br />Although this project is specific to the city’s corporate operations, Kitchener is proud to be a <br />part of the ClimateActionWR collaboration that has championed the development of Waterloo <br />Region's first-ever community action plan on climate change. The City of Kitchener endorsed <br />the plan in 2013 and made a commitment to achieve a community greenhouse gas reduction <br />target of 6 per cent below 2010 levels by 2020. <br />The City of Kitchener is also participating in the development of a community climate <br />adaptation plan being led by the Region of Waterloo, collaborating with multiple stakeholders <br />2 - 2 <br /> <br />