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<br />PLANNING & STRATEGIC INITIATIVES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />FEBRUARY 13, 2017 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee met this date, commencing at 7:37 p.m. <br />Present: Councillor P. Singh, Chair <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors S. Davey, F. Etherington, Y. Fernandes, K. <br />Galloway-Sealock, J. Gazzola, B. Ioannidis, Z. Janecki , S. Marsh and D. Schnider. <br />Staff: M. May, Deputy CAO, Community Services <br /> J. Readman, Interim Executive Director, Infrastructure Services <br /> L. Tansley, Assistant City Solicitor <br /> A. Pinard, Director, Planning <br /> D. Ross, Manager, Development Review <br /> L. Majcher, Manager, Strategy and Business Planning <br /> B. Sloan, Manager, Long Range & Policy Planning <br /> B. Bateman, Senior Planner <br /> C. Lowery, Junior Planner <br /> C. Goodeve, Committee Administrator <br />1.CAO-17-004 - CORPORATE CLIMATE ACTION PLAN: PHASE 1 <br />The Committee considered Chief Administrator’s Office report CAO-17-004, dated January 31, <br />2017 recommending the adoption of an 8% corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target <br />from 2016 emission levels by the end of 2026. <br />Ms. L. Majcher gave a presentation outlining Phase 1 of the Corporate Climate Action Plan. <br />She advised a 2015 Corporate GHG inventory identified the City’s buildings and operations <br />produced 13,027 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). She added the Corporate GHG <br />emissions are projected to increase by as much as 15% over the next 10 years, producing <br />GHG emissions of 15,000 CO2e by the end of 2026. She indicated an evaluation of potential <br />GHG reductions in the City’s buildings, fleet, public lighting, pumping stations and waste from <br />operations suggests that an 8% reduction in GHG emissions from 2016 levels within 10 years <br />is an achievable target. She added the 2026 GHG target is 11,980 CO2e, which when growth <br />is factored in equates to an overall reduction of 20%. She noted by setting an 8% reduction <br />target the City should be recognized as a bronze pledging partner through the Regional <br />Sustainability Initiative. <br />Mr. Matthew Day, Sustainable Waterloo Region, gave a presentation in support of the <br />recommendation contained in Report CAO-17-004. He advised the Regional Sustainability <br />Initiative was launched in 2008 and now has 76 members who have committed to reducing <br />approximately 50,000 tonnes of GHG. He indicated the City will have access to various <br />resources and support to assist in reaching its reduction target. He noted one particular <br />support is software which compares the City’s existing emissions and framework to other <br />similar frameworks in the business sector. <br />Ms. Danielle Laperriere, Plan Manager, ClimateActionWR, gave a presentation in support of <br />establishing an 8% GHG reduction target. She stated it is known that in 2010 the activities of <br />residents and businesses in Waterloo Region produced approximately 3.6 million tonnes of <br />CO2e. She indicated in late 2013, the Climate Action Plan was endorsed which sought to <br />achieve a community reduction target of 6% below 2010 levels by 2020. Responding to <br />questions, she advised further information is anticipated to be brought forward in May 2017 <br />identifying the City’s progress in achieving the 6% community reduction target. <br />In response to questions, Ms. Majcher agreed to circulate information outlining how the <br />Corporate carbon footprint was measured and the calculation used to determine CO2e <br />emissions. She indicated an estimate of the associated financial commitments would be <br />brought forward as part of Phase 2. She noted those financial implications would be <br />considered within the context of Council’s budget deliberations. <br />The following motion was voted on and was Carried on a recorded vote, with Mayor B. <br />Vrbanovic and Councillors S. Davey, D. Schnider, K. Galloway-Sealock, P. Singh, Y. <br />Fernandes, B. Ioannidis, F. Etherington, S. Marsh and J. Gazzola voting in favour; and <br />Councillor Z. Janecki voting in opposition. <br /> <br />