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REPORT: <br />This project is extensive and will require a noise exemption for construction activities in <br />the 2017 construction year for the purpose of completing the final construction <br />schedule. Additionally, this will assist with accelerating schedules and construction <br />activities to improve productivity during the construction season. Night work shortens <br />project durations and disruptions to businesses, their customers and assists with <br />delivery schedules. <br />Staff and Council have been advised and/or a part of various planning project teams <br />over the past few years to review and approve various aspects of the LRT project with <br />awareness of the scope of the project. <br />Grandlinq staff have been working cooperatively with City of Kitchener staff to co- <br />ordinate construction operations in order to reduce traffic impacts to maintain the project <br />schedule, minimizing the duration of the overall project timelines. The provision of an <br />after-hours noise exemption allows for the required work to continue while best <br />addressing impacts to the motoring public.Project work in 2017 includes the following <br />locations of LRT project works: <br /> Section 4 – King Street from Union Boulevard to Victoria Street, Waterloo Street <br />from Breithaupt Street to Victoria Street, Duke Street from Victoria St to <br />Breithaupt Street <br /> Section 5 – King Street from Victoria Street to Francis Street, Francis Street from <br />King Street to Duke Street, Duke Street from Francis Street to Frederick St, <br />Frederick Street/Benton Street from Duke Street to Charles Street <br /> Section 6 – Charles Street from Victoria Street to Benton Street <br /> Section 7 – Charles Street from Benton Street to Ottawa Street <br /> Section 8 – Borden Avenue from Charles Street to the south limit of the roadway, <br />including Grenville Avenue <br /> Section 9 – Ottawa Street from Charles Street to Mill Street <br /> Section 10 – Huron Spur from Palmer Avenue to south of Hayward Avenue, <br />Hayward Avenue from Hanson Avenue to Courtland Avenue, Courtland Avenue <br />form Hayward Avenue to Manitou Drive, North of Fairway Road from Courtland <br />Avenue to Fairview Park Mall, Wilson Avenue from Fairway Road to Kingsway <br />Drive <br />The construction activities that would continue to take place between 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 <br />a.m. may include the following: <br /> Ongoing construction of the King Street Grade Separation, immediately west of <br />Victoria St <br /> Concrete placement (track, sidewalks, curb & gutter, bridge & wall structures, <br />LRT stops) <br /> Aggregate and asphalt placement (all roads rebuilds listed above) <br /> Material movement (aggregates, track material, equipment) <br />2 - 2 <br /> <br />