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Environmental controls at the Waterloo Landfill include a landfill gas collection system <br />and a leachate collection system. In the present configuration, leachate collected from <br />the landfill is pumped to the City of Waterloo sanitary sewer system on Erb Street, <br />which directs flow to the Waterloo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The maximum <br />allowable flow rate to the City of Waterloo sanitary sewer is 15.2 litres/second. <br />As a result of on-going expansion of the Waterloo Landfill which includes the <br />development of future waste cells within the City of Kitchener, the leachate flow from the <br />landfill has almost reached 15.2 litres/second and will increase above this allowable City <br />of Waterloo flow in the near future. The Region completed a preliminary design in 2014 <br />for a second leachate forcemain that will be required to discharge some of the leachate <br />flow from the landfill to the Kitchener WWTP via the City of Kitchener sanitary sewer <br />system located in the Henry Sturm Greenway. (Please see Figure 1) <br />The project is pre-approved under Schedule A+ of the Municipal Class Environmental <br />Assessment as the forcemain will be located entirely within existing municipal road <br />allowances, right-of-ways or utility corridors. The Region will host a public meeting to <br />inform adjacent neighbourhoods about the work and pre-construction notices will be <br />sent in advance of construction to nearby property owners and occupants to inform <br />them of the upcoming construction. <br />The Region is seeking permission from the City of Kitchener to run the forcemain within <br />City road allowances and corridors. <br />The following will be key provisions of any agreements: <br /> Cost of construction and maintenance is the responsibility of the Region <br /> The City will grant an easement for the construction, maintenance and operation of a <br />sewage forcemain within City owned lands <br /> The its review and acceptance of the final <br />plans and specifications <br /> The Region will be responsible for full restoration of any disturbed areas <br /> The Region will indemnify the City from all costs related to losses and damages <br />except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct <br /> The Region has responsibility to ameliorate any odour that might be emitted as a <br />result of the installation and maintenance of the new forcemain, for as long as the <br />forcemain is in operation, to the satisfaction of the City. <br /> The Region will provide improvements to the trail network such that an existing gap <br />of approximately 50m in the trail will be completed, to City standards <br />any of <br />its property <br /> Provisions to protect the City from any negative effects of the leachate on the <br />service life or condition of the receiving sewers will be included. <br /> The Region will meter the discharge and compensate the City at the retail sanitary <br />rate. <br /> <br />3 - 2 <br /> <br />