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culture, special events, sports and recreation, and community support and development <br />will be considered for funding. Organizations/groups applying for funding to the City of <br />Kitchener for the first time or those who have received a Tier 2 grant in previous years <br />are eligible to apply. Tier 1 organizations are eligible to apply for Tier 2 funding only for <br />one time special projects or events. <br />A Peer and Staff Review Committee, comprised of three community representatives <br />and six staff representing the arts and culture, special events, sport development and <br />community development sections, reviews applications as per a variety of assessment <br />categories such as community need, organizational need and capacity, partnership <br />support and financial analysis. This Committee allocates resources within budget <br />availability and makes recommendations to Council. <br />REPORT: <br />This report identifies organizations that have requested a 2017 Tier 2 grant, outlines the <br />process used in assessing these requests and provides the Peer and Staff Review <br />Committee’s recommendations for grant allocations. The process for 2017 Tier 2 grants <br />included: <br /> a public information session held on November 16, 2016 <br /> an application deadline of 5:00 pm on December 2, 2016 <br /> a review and assessment of applications by a Peer and Staff Review Committee <br />comprised of staff and community representatives, using the Grant Allocation <br />Assessment Framework (Appendix B) <br /> grant recommendations made by the Peer and Staff Review Committee to allocate <br />resources (Appendix A) <br /> notification to grant applicants that the Peer and Staff Review Committee’s <br />recommendations are being brought forward to the Community and Infrastructure <br />Services Committee for consideration on March 6, 2017 <br />Staff received 59 Tier 2 grant applications, for a total request of $362,784in grant <br />funding for 2017. The total amount of Tier 2 funding available for 2017 is $186,554. <br />Members of the Peer and Staff Review Committee reviewed each grant application in <br />detail and, using the Council approved Grant Allocation Assessment Framework, made <br />decisions on grant allocations within budget availability. <br />Appendix A outlines the grant applicants, the requested amounts, the Peer and Staff <br />Review Committee’s grant recommendations, the guiding principles applied to each <br />request and the committee’s comments. Committee members, both community <br />volunteers and staff, spent considerable time and effort reviewing and assessing each <br />application. Each member (volunteer and staff) spent approximately 20 to 25 hours <br />reviewing the applications individually and the committee met twice for a total of six <br />hours to make final recommendations. <br />7 - 2 <br /> <br />