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COMMUNITY &INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES COMMITTEEMINUTES <br /> <br />MARCH 6, 2017 - 10 - CITY OF KITCHENER <br /> <br />4. INS-17-018 BALZER CREEK TRAIL ( <br /> <br />communicated to them at purchase, nothing would ever be built on this land. He commented <br />the residents of Brisbane Drive and Brisbane Court do not question need for access to sewer <br />features and concede that access routes must be built on the easement to protect <br />infrastructure. He suggested an alternative to ensure trail connectivity could be to omit the <br />boardwalk section and direct pedestrian traffic to utilize the sidewalks on Brisbane Drive and <br />Brisbane Court. He added parking could be prohibited on the south side of those streets to <br />enable the installation of a bicycle lane. He noted sidewalks could be utilized all year and the <br />proposed alternative route would result in cost reduction as there would be no need to <br />construct the boardwalk. He asked that should the City decide to move forward with the staff <br />chain link fence along the rear yards of the effected properties. He suggested that alternatively <br />the City could provide for and engineering approval for residents if they chose <br />to build individual retaining walls and/or fence options. <br /> <br />In response to questions, Mr. Parris advised the proposed trail is similar to other trails installed <br />delineate pathways from the rear yards of residential properties. <br /> <br />Councillor P. Singh entered the meeting. <br /> <br />In response to questions regarding the alternative route proposed by Mr. Wolf, Ms. D. <br />McGoldrick advised, in consultation with Transportation Services, concerns were identified with <br />this proposal in relation to the change in elevation from the maintenance access trail to <br />Brisbane Court. She noted while it would be feasible to direct cycling and pedestrian traffic to <br />use the sidewalks, this is not ideal given the grade differential. <br /> <br />A motion was brought forward by Councillor J. Gazzola to approve the alternative route <br />proposed by Mr. Wolf to provide for the maintenance access, but utilize the sidewalks on <br />Brisbane Drive and Brisbane Court. <br /> <br />Councillor P. Singh requested that information be provided in advance of the March 20, 2017 <br />Council meeting regarding the potential cost of installing fencing. <br /> <br />Questions were raised regarding the proposed plantings that would be used to provide a visual <br />barrier and Mr. Parris agreed to work with area residents to review the kinds of vegetation that <br />would be utilized to address privacy concerns. <br /> <br />Councillor Gazzola requested that his motion be considered on a recorded vote. <br /> <br />Councillor motion was voted on and was LOST on a recorded vote, with Councillors <br />J. Gazzola and Z. Janecki voting in favour; and, Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors K. <br />Galloway-Sealock, S. Marsh, Y. Fernandes, D. Schnider, P Singh, S. Davey and B. Ioannidis <br />voting in opposition. Councillor F. Etherington was not in attendance and accordingly did not <br />vote. <br /> <br />Councillor K. Galloway-Sealock brought the recommendation contained in Report INS-17-018 <br />forward for consideration. <br /> <br />Responding to questions, Ms. C. Fletcher agreed to provide additional information prior to the <br />th <br />March 20 Council meeting regarding possible fencing options to assist with mitigating the <br />concerns raised by the effected residents. <br /> <br />The following motion was voted on and was Carried on a recorded vote, with Mayor B. <br />Vrbanovic and Councillors K. Galloway-Sealock, S. Marsh, Y. Fernandes, Z. Janecki, D. <br />Schnider, P Singh, S. Davey and B. Ioannidis voting in favour; and, Councillor J. Gazzola <br />voting in opposition. Councillor F. Etherington was not in attendance and accordingly did not <br />vote. <br /> <br />On motion by Councillor K. Galloway-Sealock - <br />it was resolved: <br /> <br /> <br />