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FINANCE & CORPORATE SERVICES COMMITTEEMINUTES <br /> <br />NOVEMBER 27, 2017 CITY OF KITCHENER <br /> <br />The Finance and Corporate Services Committee met this date commencing at 9:32 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: Councillor S. Davey - Chair <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors F. Etherington, Y. Fernandes, K. Galloway- <br />Sealock, J. Gazzola, B. Ioannidis, Z. Janecki, S. Marsh, D. Schnider, and P. Singh. <br /> <br />Staff: D. Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer <br /> M. May, Deputy CAO, Community Services <br /> M. Goldrup, Acting Deputy CAO, Finance & Corporate Services <br /> C. Fletcher, Interim Executive Director, Infrastructure Services <br /> J. Readman, Interim Executive Director, Infrastructure Services <br /> J. Miller, Executive Director, Office of the CAO <br /> C. Bluhm, Executive Director, Economic Development <br /> R. Hagey, Director, Financial Planning <br /> D. McGoldrick, Director, Operations Environmental Services <br /> D. Murray, Director, Technology Innovation & Service <br /> H. Gross, Director, Engineering Services <br /> D. Fagerdahl, Manager, Financial Planning <br /> L. Stewart, Interim Director, Facilities Management <br /> P. McCormick, Manager, Parking Enterprise <br /> S. Allen, Manager, Engineering Design & Approvals <br /> N. Gollan, Manager, Stormwater Utility <br /> D. Ritz, Supervisor, Design/Development <br /> J. Rodrigues, Committee Administrator <br /> D. Saunderson, Committee Administrator <br /> <br />1. FCS-17-189 - 2018 CAPITAL BUDGET <br /> <br />The Committee considered Finance and Corporate Services Department report FCS-17-189, <br />dated November 3, 2017, and attached line-by-line listing of all projects in the Capital Forecast <br />by Department/Division. <br /> <br />Councillor J. Gazzola brought forward a motion to vote on the various sections outlined in the <br />Capital Budget Package, including the Capital Issue Papers. <br /> <br />Councillor motion was then voted on and LOST on a recorded vote, with Councillors <br />Y. Fernandes, J. Gazzola and Z. Janecki voting in favour; and, Mayor B. Vrbanovic and <br />Councillors S. Marsh, D. Schnider, K. Galloway-Sealock, B. Ioannidis, F. Etherington and P. <br />Singh voting in opposition. <br /> <br />INTRODUCTION FROM THE CAO <br /> <br />Mr. D. Chapman provided opening remarks, stating the objectives of Report FCS-17-189 are <br />to summarize the 2018 Capital Budget Forecast; describe the new investment priorities for the <br />2018 Forecast; and, summarize significant changes from the 2017 Capital Forecast. He stated <br />the Capital Forecast is balanced, both financially and in priorities, adding there are identified <br />funding sources for all projects with high priority projects scheduled to be completed first. He <br />indicated Capital Forecast <br />improvements in the overall reserve balances. He further advised the budget is a balance <br />between investments in core infrastructure and community amenities. <br /> <br />OVERVIEW <br /> <br />Mr. R. Hagey advised the 10-year Capital Forecast includes over 423 different projects, with a <br />combined value of $1.1B and $92M in 2018. He noted the 10-year forecast is a best practice in <br />that it enables Council to adopt a long-term view and make project commitments that are <br />aligned witCouncil considers a one-year capital <br />budget, along with a ten-year forecast which is adjusted annually. He indicated Council <br />identified capital priorities through a number of processes, including but not limited to: the <br />Strategic Plan; the Development Charges By-law; and, various master plans. He stated once <br />the priorities are identified, staff proposes a budget that best addresses the priorities in light of <br />limited resources. He indicated regardless of how priorities are identified, they are often <br />referred to the budget process to determine the specific timing of projects. He further advised <br />the budget process is therefore not intended to revisit the details of the priorities, <br /> <br />