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CORPORATE LEADERSHIP TEAM <br />Article 4 <br />CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER <br />RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES <br />115.4.1Responsible to Council <br />115.4.2Corporate Leadership Team -responsibility <br />115.4.3Partnerships -public -private <br />115.4.4Administration -operational functions -day-to-day <br />115.4.5City employees -direction -control <br />115.4.6Performance reviews -Deputy CAOs <br />115.4.7Other responsibilities -prescribed by Council <br />115.4.8Budgets -operating -capital -review-control <br />115.4.9Statutory duties -coordination -all officers <br />115.4.10Corporate operations -report -annual <br />115.4.11Meetings -attendance -participation <br />115.4.12Collective bargaining -contracts -negotiation <br />Article 5 <br />FINANCIAL CONTROL <br />115.5.1Staff -regrading -promotions <br />115.5.2Appointments -dismissals -terms of employment <br />115.5.3Dismissals -approval -below Job Grade 11 <br />115.5.4Non-budgetary items under $50,000 -approval <br />115.5.5Tenders -approval -reports <br />115.5.6Tenders -approval -emergency <br />Article 6 <br />DEPUTY CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS <br />115.6.1Management of department -other duties -set out <br />115.6.2Corporate Leadership Team -responsibility <br />115.6.3Assistance to Council -Corporate Leadership Team <br />115.6.4Corporate initiatives-responsibility <br />KITCHENER115.2SEPTEMBER 2017 <br /> <br />