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ADULT ENTERTAINMENT PARLOURS-LICENCE <br />502.1.26Renewal fee -defined <br />502.1.27Specific acts -defined <br />502.1.28Specific body areas -defined <br />502.1.29Supervised area -defined <br />502.1.30Table dancing -defined <br />502.1.31Visually restricted area -defined <br />Article 2 <br />GENERAL PROVISION <br />502.2.1Schedules -set out <br />502.2.2Application -all businesses -within -outside -City <br />502.2.3Signs -restrictions -requirements <br />502.2.4Operation -licence suspended -revoked -prohibited <br />502.2.5Condition of licence -compliance <br />Article 3 <br />CLASS A AND CLASS B <br />ADULTENTERTAINMENT PARLOURS <br />502.3.1Operating Class A -without licence -prohibited <br />502.3.2Operating Class B -without licence -prohibited <br />502.3.3Books -video -display requirements <br />502.3.4Class B -location restriction <br />502.3.5Exception -existing Class B operation <br />502.3.6Exception -existing Class C, D or E operation <br />Article 4 <br />CLASS C <br />ADULT ENTERTAINMENT PARLOURS <br />502.4.1Adult goods -visible from outside -prohibited <br />502.4.2Adultgoods -display requirements <br />502.4.3Adult goods -more than 1% of floor area -signage requirements <br />502.4.4Operation -without licence -prohibited <br />502.4.5Admittance -restriction -minimum eighteen years <br />KITCHENER502.2SEPTEMBER 2017 <br /> <br />