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MANAGEMENT OF SHOPPING CARTS <br />Article 4 <br />REMOVAL OF SHOPPING CARTS BY THE CITY <br />475.4.1 Removal and disposal by City - Failure to Comply <br />475.4.2 Removal and disposal by City - Unsafe condition <br />475.5.1 Notice - recipient <br />Article 5 <br />NOTICE PROVISIONS <br />Article 6 <br />ENFORCEMENT <br />475.6.1 Offence - conviction - fine <br />475.7.1 General <br />ARTICLE 7 <br />GENERAL <br />Article 1 <br />INTERPRETATION <br />475.1.1 Business hours - defined <br />"business hours" shall mean 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on each day Monday to Friday but shall <br />not include holidays as defined in the Retail Business Holidays Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. R. <br />30. <br />475.1.2 City - defined <br />"City" means The Corporation of the City of Kitchener; <br />475.1.3 Council - defined <br />"Council" means the Council of the City; <br />475.1.4 Officer - defined <br />"Officer" means a By-law or Municipal Law Enforcement Officer of the City; <br />KITCHENER 475.2 JUNE 2017 <br />