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MANAGEMENT OF SHOPPING CARTS <br />475.1.5 Order - defined <br />"Order" shall mean an Order issued pursuant to section 4 of this Chapter; <br />475.1.6 Property - defined <br />"property" shall mean the location of the business including interior and exterior <br />use areas associated with the business as well as any parking area commonly <br />associated with the business or regularly used as parking by customers at the <br />business; <br />475.1.7 Representative of the City - defined <br />"representative of the City" means any employee working for the by-law enforcement <br />division, operations division, or corporate contact centre of the City; and <br />475.1.8 Supplier of shopping carts - defined <br />"Supplier of Shopping Carts" shall include any person providing shopping carts for <br />customer use and shall, without limitation, include any business that supplies shopping <br />carts and shall also include every director, owner, manager, and operator of such <br />business. <br />Article 2 <br />GENERAL PROVISIONS <br />475.2.1 Supplier - responsibility - nuisance prevention <br />Every Supplier of Shopping Carts shall: <br />(a) take reasonable and effective measures to prevent the shopping carts <br />from causing a nuisance; <br />(b) take reasonable and effective measures to prevent shopping carts being <br />taken from the property; <br />(c) have a reasonable and effective plan in place to ensure timely collection of <br />shopping carts that have left the property including shopping carts that <br />have been removed from the property without permission; <br />(d) ensure that any shopping cart that has left the property is retrieved within <br />twenty-four (24) hours of receiving a notice or complaint about the location <br />of the shopping cart; and <br />(e) upon receiving a notice or complaint that the location of the shopping cart <br />impedes traffic or pedestrians or causes an unsafe condition shall ensure <br />that the shopping cart is retrieved within the lesser of three (3) business <br />hours or twenty-four (24) hours. <br />KITCHENER 475.3 JUNE 2017 <br />