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PLANNING & STRATEGIC INITIATIVES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br /> <br />APRIL 9, 2018 CITY OF KITCHENER <br /> <br />The Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee met this date, commencing at 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: Councillor P. Singh, Chair <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors S. Davey, F. Etherington, Y. Fernandes, K. <br />Galloway-Sealock, J. Gazzola, B. Ioannidis, Z. Janecki, S. Marsh and D. Schnider. <br /> <br />Staff: D. Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer <br /> M. May, Deputy CAO & General Manager, Community Services <br /> V. Raab, General Manager, Corporate Services <br /> J. Readman, General Manager, Development Services <br /> J. Lautenbach, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services <br /> D. McGoldrick, General Manager, Infrastructure Services <br /> H. Gross, Director, Engineering <br /> A. Pinard, Director, Planning <br /> R. Hagey, Director, Financial Planning <br /> L. Tansley, Assistant City Solicitor <br /> D. Ross, Manager, Development Review <br /> G. Stevenson, Planner <br /> J. Rodrigues, Committee Administrator <br /> <br />1. INS-18-012 - MIDDLE STRASBURG TRUNK SANITARY SEWER <br /> - CREDIT/REFUND AGREEMENT REQUEST <br /> <br />The Committee considered Infrastructure Services Department report INS-18-012, dated <br />February 6, 2018 recommending a credit/refund agreement for the costs of the engineering <br />fees and construction of the Middle Strasburg Trunk Sanitary Sewer (MSTSS). The Committee <br />was in receipt this date of correspondence from Goodmans LLP requesting that Stamm <br />Investments Limited be included as a participating developer in the financing of the MSTSS <br />extension and approved as an additional signatory to the Credit/Refund Agreement Request. <br /> <br />Mr. C. Robson, Robson Carpenter LLP, addressed the Committee on behalf of the developers <br />in support of the credit/refund agreement. <br /> <br />On motion by Councillor K. Galloway-Sealock <br />it was resolved: <br /> <br />That the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a development charges <br />credit/refund agreement with the developers (Kitchener Green 3 Developments Inc., <br />Kitchener Green Developments Inc., Activa Holdings Inc., 2079546 Ontario Limited, <br />Activa Investment Corporation, South Estates Kitchener G.P. Inc., Big Spring Farms <br />Limited, B & B Kieswetter Excavating Inc., Deerfield Homes Ltd.) in respect to the <br />developers payment for the costs of the engineering fees and construction of the Middle <br />Strasburg Trunk Sanitary Sewer (MSTSS), in addition the agreement will contain <br />provisions authorizing the acceptance of lands from the developers by the municipality <br />on which the project will be constructed, to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor, as <br />outlined in Infrastructure Service Department report INS-18-012. <br /> <br />Councillor P. Singh advised this is a formal public meeting to consider applications under the <br />Planning Act. If a person or public body that would otherwise have an ability to appeal a decision of <br />the City of Kitchener to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, but the person or public body does not <br />make oral submissions at the public meeting or make written submissions to the City of Kitchener <br />before the by-law is passed, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision. <br /> <br />2. INS-18-024 - LONG TERM COMMUNITY GREENHOUSE GAS REDUCTION TARGET <br /> <br />The Committee considered Infrastructure Services Department report INS-18-024, dated <br />March 26, 2018 recommending a community greenhouse gas emission reduction target of <br />80% below 2010 levels by 2050. Ms. T. Davidson and Ms. M.J. Patterson presented the <br />Report and responded to questions from the Committee. <br /> <br />Mr. Tony Brijpaul, Mr. Martin Edmonds, Priyanka Lloyd, Laura Hamilton and Mary Lou Klassen <br />addressed the Committee in support of the proposed target. <br /> <br />