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REPORT <br />Planning Comments: <br />The subject property located at 1275 Bleams Road is designated Neighbourhood Institutional in the <br />Rosenberg Secondary Plan and is zoned Restricted Business Park Zone (B-2) in Zoning By-law 85-1 <br />with Special Use Provision 351 U. The subject property is located in close proximity to the intersection <br />of Bleams Road and Fischer Hallman Road. The property currently contains the existing church and <br />parking lot which is located to the front of the building. <br />The applicant is requesting relief from the Special Use Provision 351 U to expand the existing Religious <br />Institution by 17 percent whereas the By-law only permits the use to occupy 100 percent of the gross <br />floor area that existed on or before October 28, 2013. <br />City Planning staff conducted a site inspection of the property on April 23, 2018 <br />1275 Bleams Road <br />In considering the four tests for minor variances as outlined in Section 45(1) of the Planning Act, R.S.O., <br />1990 Chap. P. 13, as amended, Planning staff offer the following comments. <br />The subject property is designated Neighbourhood Institutional in the Rosenberg Secondary <br />Plan. Lands designated Neighbourhood Institutional that are not identified as a potential school <br />site will permit educational establishments, religious institutions, community facilities, residential <br />care facilities, day care facilities, and Low Density Residential Two land uses. It is the opinion of <br />staff that the expansion of the legally existing religious institution is in keeping with the general <br />intent of the Secondary Plan as the use has existed on the property since 1995 and as no new <br />religious institution is being proposed. <br />