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BACKGROUND: <br />Bingemans is a new venue that will be holding several events over the <br />summer season. This venue will host a variety of different types of events, including <br />music concerts, food festivals, as well as other types of programming, they are <br />requesting a noise exemption for several dates, the start times will vary depending on <br />the event however none of the events will go past 11pm. <br />REPORT: <br />Bingemans has expanded their event grounds facilities to accommodate more and <br />larger outdoor events. This new space is an outdoor venue that will <br />allow for the continuation and growth of events of all sizes and uses, including corporate <br />events, community festivals, music concerts and many other activities. In addition to <br />these, there will be the ability for community groups to use the space for unique <br />initiatives which will assist in building increased capacity for community based tourism <br />events. <br />The capacity of the venue for events will range from 5000 to 16,000 patrons depending <br />on the type of event and will vary in terms of start time however none of these events <br />will be scheduled past 11pm. <br />Bingemans has been able to confirm some programming dates for the summer season, <br />however not all dates have been finalized or released. As this is their first year, they are <br />still working through some of the details with the programming and contracts and are <br />requesting consideration on potential proposed dates, as well as dates that have been <br />confirmed with specific events. <br />The dates below have been confirmed: <br /> Sean Paul July 20, 2018 7pm 10pm <br /> Barenaked Ladies July 21, 2018 <br />I L August 19, 2018 6:30pm 10pm and; <br />th <br /> Food Festival with Live Music September 7, 8, and 9 <br />The following dates are potential event dates that are still being considered/negotiated, <br />staff have been advised that not all of the dates below will be used. Staff do not have <br />any additional details relating to the potential event dates listed below at this time. <br />th <br /> June 23, 29 or 30 <br />th <br /> July 1,6 and 18 <br />th <br /> August 10, 11, 17 <br />The stage design for the new venue is directed (facing) North East which will allow the <br />sound to travel through a large wooded and industrial area out towards the city limits, <br />which should minimize impact on surrounding neighbouring properties. <br />2 - 2 <br />