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By-law Enforcement staff and the Neighbourhood Development Office are now working <br />together to develop a step-by-step guide to help residents understand the <br />recommended approach to planning their project. <br />REPORT: <br />The process of beautifying and greening a boulevard has many positive impacts on our <br />community it can support sustainability, provide low-maintenance alternatives to <br />residents, and bring neighbours together through beautification and placemaking. <br />Through an online EngageKitchener survey, staff engaged with residents to get their <br />input on this idea, and received 38 responses. While we recognize that the number of <br />respondents for this survey was relatively low, the idea of boulevard beautification was <br />also expressed often through the initial neighbourhood strategy community engagement <br />process. <br />In the EngageKitchener survey, residents provided feedback on how likely they would <br />be to install an alternative to sod in a boulevard, the types of materials they would be <br />interested in using and their motives for using an alternative. 63.2% indicated they are <br />very likely to install alternatives to sod and 15.8% indicated they were somewhat likely. <br />Overall, the responses were generally positive, with residents wanting lower <br />maintenance options as well as wanting to promote water conservation and <br />naturalization. There were other suggestions including using the boulevard to grow <br />vegetables and edible plants, which staff are not recommending these areas, as <br />boulevards are exposed to exhaust from vehicles and are high traffic areas for dogs. <br />Staff are recommending other alternatives such as creating a vegetable garden on a <br />front lawn provided sightlines are not impeded, or joining a community garden. Some <br />residents were concerned that allowing other options might result in overgrown <br />boulevards. <br />In addition to this public input, By-law staff has also conducted research into other <br />municipalities with similar programs and engaged other City staff with an interest in <br />boulevard beautification, or who might be required to work within the boulevard areas in <br />the future. The concerns and suggestions raised through those internal consultations, <br />as well as the public feedback received, have been incorporated into the proposed <br />bylaw and step-by-step guide being recommended to City Council for approval. <br /> <br />Other municipalities that have by-laws to permit boulevard beautification: <br /> Guelph <br /> Cambridge <br /> Oakville <br /> Oshawa <br /> Whitby <br /> Kelowna, BC <br />6 - 2 <br />