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completing similar updates, aspiring to provide consistent practices throughout the region, including <br />common insurance requirements, standardizing forms, the development of user fees, permitting, etc. <br />Also included in this review of the special events bylaw was the development of a street party event <br />program. During consultations for the Love My Hood Strategy, residents asked the city to make it <br />easier to host street parties. Two Love My Hood action items on the 2018 Business Plan relate to street <br />parties including action item #6: More Neighbourhood Events and action item #15: Reduce Municipal <br />Barriers. Residents indicated that they are ready to plan and lead more events, however a review of <br />approval processes and staff support was necessary. <br />REPORT: <br />Love My Hood Street Party Events Program <br />Along with being a lot of fun and adding to quality of life, small street party events can have a positive <br />impact on residents sense of belonging. When people belong, they are more likely to volunteer or vote <br />in elections, and are generally more satisfied with their neighbourhood and city government. <br />Encouraging residents to take the lead in hosting more street parties in their neighbourhood is a major <br />priority in the Love My Hood neighbourhood strategy. <br />Street party events are identified as a unique type of Special Event in the bylaws given their small-scale <br />nature and limited disruption to transportation needs. By identifying them separately than larger events <br />(such as Blues Fest or parades), we can simplify application processes and requirements to make it <br />easier for volunteer residents to host a street party event in their neighbourhood. <br />A focus group was held inviting residents who hosted a street party in 2017 to comment on their <br />experience. Of the twenty-seven residents who were invited, fifteen attended the workshop. This chart <br />summarizes the resident input from the focus group and how the City is responding through the new <br />Street Party Event program. <br />Resident commentsStaff response <br />A new Street Party Event page on <br />to find information online if you want will be created and <br />to host a street party.promoted with a comprehensive <br />communications plan. <br />Creation of a <br />involved in organizing a street party, host a street partyevent <br />including road closure requirements instructions and resources for hosting <br />but also other approvals (licenses, a street party. <br />public health, etc.) that may be <br />Simplify the road closure petition form <br />needed. <br />and do not require residents to also fill <br />out the Special Event permit <br />application form, which has duplicate <br />fields and some irrelevant information <br />for street parties. <br />Residents want ideas of activities to Greater promotion of the Festival of <br />do while hosting a street party and Neighbourhoods Activity Guide and <br />how to be more inclusive in their Activity Trunk and the <br />7 - 2 <br />