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Concerned with the cost per square foot of the tenders (e.g. the lowest bid coming in at $384 / square <br />foot), staff were interested in understanding, historically, what the cost / square foot has been for past <br />community centre projects. Table one outlines past community centre projects and their associated <br />costs. Also provided for each project are inflationary costs, where initial cost /square foot for each <br />project has been escalated 5% per year to get an understanding of what their cost would be in 2018 <br />dollars. <br />Table 1. Cost / Square Foot of past Community Centre Renovations/Additions <br />Inflationary <br />Construction <br />Renovation/Addition Construction Cost/Square Cost <br />Community Centre Area Square <br />(Year)Value ($)Foot($)Square <br />Foot <br />Foot($) <br />Doon Pioneer Park 9,000 + <br />Expansion and Expansion and Renovation$4,043,476renovated $384.00$384.00 <br />Renovation (2018)space <br />Stanley Park <br />Community CentreNew Build3,739,90519,181$ 194.98 $367.66 <br />(2005) <br />Victoria Hills <br />Community CentreExpansion1,604,05713,679$ 117.26 $210.58 <br />(2006) <br />Large Renovation and <br />Bridgeport Community addition (entire interior <br />1,225,2625,872$ 208.66 $ 339.88 <br />Centre(2008)building renovation, rink <br />boards and site works) <br />Kingsdale Community Reconstruction (Demolition <br />3,332,81816,533$ 201.59 $283.65 <br />Centre(2011)renovation adaptive reuse) <br />To understand possible approaches to address the over-expenditure experienced with this project, staff <br />reviewed a number of past projects that also experienced over-expenditures. As shown in table two, <br />strategies for addressing over-expenditures falls into 3 categories including: <br />1. reducing the scope of the project, <br />2. delaying the project, or delaying a portion the project scope, and/or <br />3. funding the over-expenditure from other capital and/or reserve accounts. <br />Table 2. Past Project Over-expenditures <br />ProjectInitial Amount Resolution <br />BudgetOver <br />Over-expenditurefunded from the following sources: <br />Victoria Park 1.FM Capital -$65,000 <br />$400,000$150,000 <br />Washrooms2.Parks Improvement fund -$25,000 <br />3.Capital Contingency -$60,000 <br />Over-expenditurefunded from the following sources: <br />Kingsdale 1.FM Capital $86,000 <br />$3.69 million$458,000 <br />Community Centre2.CP&S GP -$200,000 <br />3.Capital Contingency -$172,000 <br />Bridgeport Scope reduced as a result of constraints associated with <br />$2.25 million$1.08 million <br />Community Centrebuilding on a floodplain. <br />Charles/Benton This project was delayedby 5 yearswhen the first round of <br />$16 million$450,000 <br />Parking Garagetendering came in high in 2002. During the second <br />8 - 3 <br />