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On March 5, 2018, the Community and Infrastructure Services Committee considered <br />report CSD-18-047, which outlined the benefits and challenges of partnering with the <br />Waterloo Region District School Board (School Board) to build a joint school, <br />community centre, child care, and EarlyOn family and child centre in the Huron <br />Brigadoon area. Benefits included: i) possible savings on construction costs; ii) the <br />ability to leverage additional space (double gymnasium) for community use after school <br />hours, and iii) having community space available in the Huron - Brigadoon area (which <br />will grow significantly in the coming years) as early as 2020. The partnership also <br />satisfies the current Provincial Places to Grow legislation that expects public <br />services/facilities to be planned and co-located as community hubs, and integrated to <br />promote cost-effectiveness. <br />As outlined in report CSD-18-047, entering into a partnership with the school board to <br />build a joint facility on this property would save the City significant dollars. Although <br />final cost per square foot has yet to be confirmed by the Ministry of Education, the <br />estimated cost for 8,000 square feet of space designated to the City of Kitchener would <br />be approximately $2,900,000. For the same amount of floor space, if the City were to <br />build a stand-alone facility without the school board, it is estimated that it would cost <br />approximately $4,125,000. Economies of scale associated with building a school, using <br />cloned footprints in school design, using different finishes and fixtures, and not having <br />the additional requirements that the City puts on their own projects (e.g. adding a <br />percent for art or building to LEED standard) all contributes to the schools ability to build <br />at a lower cost. <br />At that time, Council directed staff to participate with the school board in a site fit study, <br />to validate the ability to construct a building that would fit all of those elements onto the <br />.Staff were also asked to report back with the <br />results of the site fit study, as well as options for funding a community centre in this <br />location, if the results of the site fit study confirmedall partners could fit on the property. <br />REPORT: <br />Results of the Site Fit study <br />BluePlan Engineering was engaged by the Waterloo Region District School Board to <br />complete the site fit study for the proposed Tartan Avenue site (see appendix A showing <br />site location). Specifically, the following elements were analysed to see if they could fit <br />on the site: <br /> A 65,000 square foot (S.F.) 2 story elementary school <br /> An 8,000 S.F. Community Centre (City of Kitchener) <br /> An 8,000 S.F. Childcare Centre, and <br /> An 8,000 S.F. EarlyON Centre. <br />In addition to the facility space, the following additional areas were also considered for <br />the site, including: <br /> A 39,100 S.F. on site parking area, <br /> A 38,750 S.F. student/bus drop off area along the Tartan Avenue frontage, <br />9 - 2 <br />