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1.Community Engagement Policy (OG15):The Community Engagement Policywas <br />approved by Council on January 29, 2018. This policy provides direction and guidance to <br />ensure that responsibilities to effectively communicate, consult, and engage the community <br />will be fulfilled. <br />2.Comprehensive Review of Business Licensing (CS31):The review has been <br />completed with a focus on consumer protection, health and safety, and nuisance control <br />and with the purpose of creating a clear concise and modern by-law. In December 2017, a <br />new Comprehensive Business Licensing By-law was passed by Council. The by-law, fees <br />and processes take a customer-focusedapproach to business licensing to support <br />neighbourhood and community organizations as well as to facilitate business development <br />while still protecting the public. <br />3.Server Systems Failover Capability (CS36):The network and server system failover <br />capabilities were successfully tested. This will allow for business continuity in the event of <br />a loss of operations at the City Hall computer room. <br />4. Community Energy Investment Strategy (NB20): The purpose of this strategy is to <br />improve and sustain Waterloo Regi <br />through coordination of targeted energy investments. Council, along with other local <br />municipalities and the Region, endorsed the strategy in February 2018. <br />5. Revenue Comprehensive Review Action Plan and Implementation (CS58): This review <br />resulted in a re-organization of the Revenue division. The new structure will provide a <br />more logical alignment of roles and a better distribution of tasks across roles. It will position <br />the division to meet future challenges such as population growth and new service trends <br />such as e-services. <br />th <br />As of April 30,10 projects have new expected completion dates and two projects have <br />completion dates to be determined due to vacancies in key staff positions, resource constraints <br />and time needed for coordination of work between stakeholders. The status of these projects <br />The projects are listed below with <br />their new expected end dates: <br />1. Neighbourhood Places Program Neighbourhood Greening Program (Apr-2019) <br />2. Responsible Pet Ownership Strategy (Apr-2019) <br />3. Development of Public Internet Access Standard (Dec-2018) <br />4. Low Impact Development Design Guidelines Stormwater Utility (Aug-2019) <br />5. Sustainable Development Feasibility Study (Dec-2018) <br />6. Parking Payment Technologies (Aug-2018) <br />7. Complete Streets Policy (Aug-2018) <br />8. Long-term Financial Plan (Aug-2019) <br />9. Parkland Dedication Policy Update (Apr-2019) <br />10. Year-round Maintenance of Trails and Pathways Around Schools (Apr-2019) <br />11. Corporate Climate Action Plan (TBD) <br />12. Make It Start Advanced Manufacturing Incubator (TBD) <br />IF2 - 2 <br />