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That a School Bus Loading Zone be established on the south side(odd-numbered) of <br />Prospect Avenue 45m east of Emerald Avenue to a point 15m east thereof; <br />That an Adult Crossing Guard assisted School Crossing be permanentlyestablished at a <br />midblock location on Zeller Drive in front of Lackner Woods Public School; <br />That a Pedestrian Crossover Level 2 Type D be permanently established at a midblock <br />location on Walter Street behind King Edward Public School; <br />That funding for the School Travel Planning initiative be increased by $5,085 in 2019; <br />That Council endorse the use of the School Crossing Guard Guide in reviewing existing <br />and potential crossing guard locations; and further, <br />That the Uniform Traffic By-law be amended accordingly. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />Transportation Services provides an annual School Safety Review report for Council’s <br />consideration. In the past school year, and for the upcoming school year,school related issues <br />havebeen summarized which includesthe following: <br />- New and/or adjusted crossing guard locations <br />- School related signage <br />- School Travel Planning(STP) <br />- Crossing Guard Warrant analysis information <br />This report serves to update all of the above issues. <br />REPORT: <br />Chicopee HillsPublic School <br />In November, 2017, the crossing guardwas relocatedfrom the south leg crosswalk to the north <br />leg crosswalkas a result of a staff review in consultation with school travel planning. To <br />accommodate this shift, asecondcrossing guard was addedat the right turn channelto assist <br />students crossing from the southboundapproach to the westlegof the intersection (over 75 <br />students have been observed crossing through this right-turn channel); refer to Appendix A for <br />further information. One crossing guard cannotbe expected tosafely manage all required <br />approacheswith the presence of the right turn channel. <br />These adjustments were completed duringthe 2017/2018 school year and have been very well <br />received by parents and students traveling through the intersection on their way to and from <br />Chicopee Hills Public School.Staff have accommodated fundingforthis position within the <br />current 2018 budget and long-term funding shouldbe referred to the 2019 budget process. <br />8 - 2 <br />