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HERITAGE KITCHENER MINUTES <br />AUGUST 14, 2018CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Heritage Kitchener Committee met this date, commencing at 4:02p.m. <br />Present:S. Miladinovic-ActingChair <br />Councillors J. Gazzolaand B. Ioannidis,Ms.A. Reid, Ms. K. Huxtedand Messrs. P. Ciuciura, <br />R. Parnell, S. Thomson, S. Burrows and S. Strohack. <br />Staff:B. Sloan, Manager, Long Range and Policy Planning <br />L. Bensason, Coordinator of Cultural Heritage Resources <br />M. Drake,Senior Heritage &PolicyPlanner <br />D. Saunderson,Committee Administrator <br />1.DSD-18-078-HERITAGE PERMIT APPLICATION HPA-2018-V-025 <br />-28 WEBER STREET WEST <br />-PROPOSED TEXTURED PAINT AND WHITE WASH PAINT REMOVAL <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD-18-078, dated July <br />19, 2018recommending approval of Heritage Permit Application HPA-2018-V-025 topermit <br />removal of the textured paint and the white wash paint from the brick exterior of the building at <br />the property municipally addressed as 28 Weber Street West.Ms. M. Drake was in attendance <br />to respond to questions to from the Committee. <br />The following motion was voted on and CarriedUnanimously. <br />On motion by Councillor B. Ioannidis - <br />it was resolved: <br />“Thatpursuant to Section 42 of the Ontario Heritage Act, Heritage Permit Application <br />HPA-2018-V-025 be approved to permit the removal of the textured paint and the white <br />wash paint from the brick exterior of the building at the property municipally addressed as <br />28 Weber Street West,as outlined in Development Services Department report DSD-18- <br />078,in accordance with the plans and supplementary information submitted with the <br />application and subject to the following conditions: <br />1.That each method of textured paint and white wash paint removal be tested <br />on an approximate 1 foot by 1 foot inconspicuous area of the building and <br />that the results of each test be reviewed and approved by Heritage Planning <br />staff prior to proceeding with any method on the remainder of the building; <br />2.That a mason familiar with historic masonry, AgeRestoration or another <br />heritage contractor with relevant experience confirms in writing to Heritage <br />Planning staff that <br />a.all mortar joints have been made sound and the building is watertight <br />prior to proceeding with a removal or cleaning method that uses <br />water; <br />b.that following removal and/or cleaning, if required, deteriorated <br />masonry has been repaired using appropriate methods and <br />materials (e.g. lime based mortar); <br />3.That the details of the final products (e.g. detergents, paint, sealers) be <br />submitted for review and approval by Heritage Planning staff prior to using <br />the products; and further; <br />4.That, if required, the details of alternative methods of paint removal be <br />submitted for review and approval by Heritage Planning staff prior to testing <br />andprior to proceeding with work on the remainder of the building.” <br />2.HERITAGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT (HIA)-242-262 QUEEN STREET SOUTH <br />The Committee considered a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) prepared for 242-262 Queen <br />Street Southregarding the proposed demolition and redevelopment of 242, 254 and 262 Queen <br />Street South.Mr. L. Bensason advised Heritage Planning staff are seeking the Committee’s <br />feedback on the HIA, which will be taken into consideration as part of staff’s review prior to <br />recommending whether the Director of Planning will accept it.He indicated the applicant will be <br />presenting the HIA for the Committee’s consideration and Heritage Planning staff will be making <br />a presentation on the staff position as of this date. He further advised the applicant will be <br />