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<br />POLICY Policy No:GOV-BOA-100 <br />Approval Date:January 18, 2010 <br />Policy Title:ENVIRONMENTAL <br />COMMITTEE -TERMS OF <br />Reviewed Date:July 2016 <br />REFERENCE <br />Next Review Date:July 2021 <br />Policy Type:COUNCIL <br />Reviewed Date: <br />Category:Governance <br />Last Amended: <br />Sub-Category:Board & Committee <br />Replaces: <br />Author:Author Unknown <br />Dept/Div:Development Services / <br />Repealed: <br />Administration <br />Replaced by: <br />Related Policies, Procedures and/or Guidelines: <br />To be added at next review. <br />1.POLICY PURPOSE: <br />a)To provide information and advice to Council on environmental issues <br />within the scope of the Municipality. <br />b)To promote the protection, maintenance and enhancement of the <br />environment in a manner consistent with the City of Kitchener Strategic <br />Plan for the Environment. <br />c)To be a catalyst for local initiatives that promotes environmental <br />sustainability, integrity and conservation of the City’s resources and <br />ecosystems as well as to provide input to protect, maintain, restore and <br />enhance the environment within the Municipality. <br />2.DEFINITIONS: <br />To be added at next review. <br />1of 6 <br /> <br />