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<br />POLICY Policy No:GOV-BOA-010 <br />Approval Date:June 25, 2012 <br />Policy Title:NOMINATING COMMITTEE - <br />TERMS OF REFERENCE <br />Reviewed Date:July 2016 <br />Policy Type:COUNCIL <br />Next Review Date:July 2012 <br />Category:GovernanceReviewed Date: <br />Sub-Category:Board & Committee <br />Last Amended: <br />Author:Author Unknown, <br />Replaces:I-010-Nominating <br />Council/Committee Services <br />Committee -Terms of <br />Reference <br />Dept/Div:Finance & Corporate <br />Services/Legislated Services <br />Repealed: <br />Replacedby: <br />Related Policies, Procedures and/or Guidelines: <br />To be added at next review. <br />1.POLICY PURPOSE: <br />The Nominating Committee will assess applicants to Advisory Committees of <br />Council on the basis of diverse representation of the community, expertise/interest in <br />an issue or topic area, and in regard to each advisory committee’s Terms of <br />Reference and present Council with a list of qualified candidates for each committee. <br />2.DEFINITIONS: <br />To be added at next review. <br />3.SCOPE: <br />POLICY APPLIES TO THE FOLLOWING: <br />All Employees <br />All Full-Time EmployeesAllUnion <br />ManagementC.U.P.E. 68 Civic <br />Non UnionC.U.P.E. 68 Mechanics <br />TemporaryC.U.P.E. 791 <br />StudentI.B.E.W. 636 <br />Part-Time EmployeesK.P.F.F.A. <br />Specified Positions only: Other: <br />CouncilLocal Boards & Advisory Committees <br />1of 3 <br /> <br />