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152 Shan ley Street <br />Vision Statement <br />SITE AND CONTEXT <br />Page 02 of 06 <br />The 4 storey portion of the building is an early 20th century brick industrial building built in the <br />Berlin Vernacular Industrial architectural style. It is a notable example of a Berlin Vernacular <br />Industrial building and features many Intact original elements. It is comprised of yellow brick; <br />6/6 segmentally arched windows, belt courses between the first and second as well as second <br />and third floors; a molded cornices and flat roof. The building also features sign banding, that <br />reads "Dominion Electrohorne Industries." The principal resource that contributes to the <br />heritage value of the property isthe 4 storey form erindustfial bu [ding an.d it is recognized for <br />its design, physical and histo 6c values, <br />The 4 storey portion of the building was built in 1887 by Daniel Hibner for a fumiture factory. <br />DanieiHibner was afurnituremanufacturer,MayorofBed in, andaIongtimePark Com missioner. <br />Daniel Hibner sold the furniture factory building ird 1920 to Malcolm and Hill Limited. <br />Arthur B. Pollack founded Pollock Manufacturing Company in 1907. The business was <br />originally located on Victoria Street, later moved to Breithaupt Street and finally estabtished <br />itself at the forrnef Malcolm and Hill Limited furniture Factory on Duke Street near the railway <br />lime. The company was later known as Phonola Company of Canada. Pollock -Welker Limited, <br />and Domlinion-Electrohome Limited. Arthues son, Carl A. Pollock, became President of <br />Electrohome Limited and was also tyre founder of CKCO-TV, a founding father of the University <br />of Waterloo, and the first member of the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, <br />The subject property is not currently listed on Heritage Register and is not designated under <br />There is a High the Ontario Heritage Act~ but as noted above, the 4 storey portion of the existing building is <br />Probability That the listed on the Heritage Kitchener Inventory of Historic Buildings and is of Cultural heritage <br />Existing Building Will interest Given the cultural heritage interest of the building it would be desirable to retain and <br />Not Be Retained retrofit the existing 4 storey portion of the building as part of a .redevelopment proposal. <br />However, given what we know about the contamination and remediation, there is high <br />probability, that the existing building wilt not be able to be retained. <br />A Heritage Impact A Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) will be required to be submitted with any redevelopment <br />A sse ssm ent Wi I I Be proposal.Ifisitdeterminedthatexisting4storey buil dIng cannot bebuiltuponorretained,the <br />Required redevelopment will need to consider the re -use of building materials, archival. display or some <br />other Commemorative measures to recognize the historical significance of the former <br />Photo, Existing buiIding Electrohorne site. <br />I -Fli <br />1 <br />N"s low <br />7 . <br />