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PURCHASING & MATERIALS MANAGEMENT <br />Article 1 <br />DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS <br />Words within this Chapter have the following meanings, unless expressly stated <br />otherwise: <br />"Acquisition" means to obtain Goods, Services, Construction or Consulting Services; <br />"Agreement" means a written document, executed by the City and the Supplier, <br />outlining the Goods, Services, Construction or Consulting Services being procured; <br />"Approval Authority" means the authority to approve and award Procurements, as well <br />as any assignment or corporate change requests related to such Procurements, up to the <br />Procurement Values for the respective body or person(s) set out in Section 170.7 <br />Standard Procurement and Section 170.8 Non -Standard Procurement; <br />"Authorized Delegate" means the person who has been delegated by Council an <br />Approval Authority and includes any other person further sub -delegated such Approval <br />Authority in accordance within the Procurement procedures. An Authorized Delegate <br />includes a person authorized to act on their behalf temporarily; <br />"Best Value" means the optimal balance of performance and cost determined in <br />accordance with pre -defined evaluation criteria; <br />"Bid" means an offer or submission in response to a Solicitation Document; <br />"Bidder" means a Supplier that submits a Bid; <br />"CAO" means the Chief Administrative Officer of the City or designate; <br />"City" means The Corporation of the City of Kitchener; <br />"Competitive Process" means either an Open Competition or an Invitational <br />Competition; <br />"Confidential Information" means information of commercial value, the disclosure of <br />which is likely to have the effect of either impairing the City's ability to obtain such <br />information as is necessary to perform its statutory functions, or causing substantial harm <br />to the competitive position of the Supplier or other organization from which the <br />information was obtained, unless the City is required by law to disclose such information; <br />"Construction" means the process of using labour to build, alter, repair, improve or <br />demolish any structure, building or public improvement, and generally does not apply to <br />routine maintenance, repair or operations of existing real property <br />"Consulting Services" means the provision of expertise or strategic advice that is <br />KITCHENER 170.2 DECEMBER 2017 <br />