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BUSINESS LICENCE FEES <br />Article 4 <br />ENACTMENT <br /> <br />501.4.1 Effective date <br /> <br />SCHEDULE <br /> <br />Schedule ‘A’ - Proposed Fees <br /> <br />__________________________________________________ <br /> <br /> <br />WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to exercise the powers conferred on Council by the <br />Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 25. <br /> <br />Article 1 <br />INTERPRETATION <br /> <br />501.1.1 Application - defined <br />“application” shall include an application for a licence or renewal of a licence on the form <br />provided by the Manager of Licensing and where permitted by the Manager of Licensing <br />shall also include a verbal request for renewal of a licence. <br /> <br />501.1.2 Chapter - defined <br />“Chapter” shall refer to a by-law of the City which has been incorporated into The City of <br />Kitchener Municipal Code and assigned a chapter number therein unless inconsistent <br />with the context in which the word is used. <br /> <br />501.1.3 City - defined <br />“City” means The Corporation of the City of Kitchener. <br /> <br />501.1.4 Council - defined <br />“Council” means the Council of The Corporation of the City of Kitchener. <br /> <br />501.1.5 Late fee - defined <br />“late fee” means the fee payable upon application by an applicant, who in the previous <br />calendar year held a licence respecting the same business at the same location that is <br />noted on the submitted application, where application is not made or the fee therefor is <br />unpaid by March 15th of the current year. By-law 2004-262, 6 December, 2004. <br /> <br />501.1.6 Manager of Licensing - defined <br />“Manager of Licensing” means the Manager of Licensing appointed by Council of the City <br />or in his/her absence the City Clerk appointed by Council of the City. By-law 2004-262, 6 <br />December, 2004; By-law 2006-227, 27 November, 2006. <br /> <br /> <br />KITCHENER 501.2 MAY 2022 <br /> <br />