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SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT <br />893.1.14 "Regional road" means a road under the jurisdiction of the Region. <br />893.1.15 "Regional road closure" means a closure of one or more lanes on a <br />Regional road such that a diversion of traffic to another road is required. <br />893.1.16 "Reoccurring Special Event" means a special event that has received a <br />Special Event Permit from the City within the previous two (2) calendar <br />years. <br />893.1.17 "road" includes a common and public highway, street, avenue, parkway, <br />driveway, square, place, bridge, viaduct or trestle, any part of which is <br />intended for or used by the general public for the passage of vehicles and <br />includes the area between the lateral property lines thereof. <br />893.1.18 "Special Event" includes a Street Party Event, parade, procession, <br />ceremony, beer garden, sidewalk or street sale, festival, carnival, bicycle or <br />foot race, walkathon, demonstration, resident -led traffic calming initiatives, <br />or any event that requires a City lane closure or a City road closure or may <br />interfere with the normal flow of traffic on a City road, but does not include: <br />a) a wedding or funeral procession; <br />b) picketing; <br />C) loading or unloading necessary for business purposes; or <br />d) an activity for which the City has granted permission by way of an <br />agreement or permit. <br />893.1.19 "Special Event Permit" means a permit issued under this Chapter for a <br />Special Event and shall include a permit issued for a Special Event by the <br />City, the Region, or a local municipality provided such permit includes or <br />included a City street and the necessary approval by the Director for use of <br />such City street. <br />893.1.20 "Special Event Organizer" means the person designated in accordance <br />with section 893.3.2(b) of this Chapter and where that person is not an <br />individual shall include its authorized representative(s). <br />893.1.21 "Street Party Event" specifically means a Special Event that: <br />a) has the purpose of fostering neighbourhood spirit; <br />b) is taking place entirely on a road of a local municipality, being either a <br />block to block or intersection to intersection road closure; <br />C) is not taking place on a Regional road; <br />d) has no alcohol consumption; and <br />e) has any further attributes as determined by the Director. <br />KITCHENER 893.3 DECEMBER 2018 <br />