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BOULEARD BEAUTIFICATION AND MAINTENANCE <br />Article 1 <br />INTERPRETATION <br />895.1.1 "boulevard abutting their property" means the portion of a boulevard that <br />abuts or is contiguous to an owner or occupant's property but shall not <br />include a sidewalk, traffic island, or driveway apron thereon. <br />895.1.2 "boulevard" means the portion of a road on either side of a roadway. <br />895.1.3 "boulevard tree" shall mean any tree on a boulevard. <br />895.1.4 "boulevard tree border" shall mean rocks, stones, pavers or other like <br />material when used for the sole purpose of creating a border around the <br />base of a tree for decorative purposes, provided such material is installed <br />on the existing grade of a boulevard and not dug into the ground. <br />895.1.5 "City" means The Corporation of the City of Kitchener. <br />895.1.6 "cm" shall mean centimeters. <br />895.1.7 "Council" means the Council of the City. <br />895.1.8 "Director" means the Director of By-law Enforcement or his or her <br />designate. <br />895.1.9 "driveway apron" means the portion of a road on a boulevard that provides <br />vehicular access to and from the roadway and an adjacent property. <br />895.1.10 "existing grade of a boulevard" shall mean the grade of the boulevard prior <br />to any work or placement of materials by an owner or occupant on the <br />boulevard abutting their property. <br />895.1.11 "hard surface" shall mean hard material that may be used as a walking <br />surface and shall include without limitation paving stone, flagstone, stone, <br />gravel, concrete, or asphalt but shall not include a boulevard tree border. <br />895.1.12 "herbaceous plant" means a plant with a soft stem that is not woody or a <br />plant that lacks a woody stem persisting above the ground but shall not <br />include grass. <br />895.1.13 "infrastructure" includes without limitation any public or private utility <br />structure, copper or coaxial wire, fibre optic cable, pipe, conduit, pedestal, <br />cabinet, antenna, vault, support structure, bike facility, bus stop facility, <br />culvert, noise barrier, fence, guiderail, barricade, traffic island, traffic <br />control device, sign, street light, traffic light, rail facility, pavement, <br />subgrade manhole, catch basin, handwell, valve chamber, valve box, <br />KITCHENER 895.2 DECEMBER 2018 <br />