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Thatthe Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute all documentation required to <br />complete the transaction, said documentation to be to the satisfaction of the City <br />Solicitor. <br />BACKGROUND/ REPORT <br />Staff have been approached by Vive Development Corporation, requesting to purchase the <br />0.15 acre unimproved road allowance (Parcel 1) and the 0.65 acre City owned lot (Parcel2) <br />located immediately at the end of the road allowance. Their intention is to consolidate these <br />lands with the parcel of land they own at 528 Lancaster Street West in order to facilitate the <br />construction of a multiple dwelling unit. <br />currently zoned MU-2, Medium <br />Intensity Mixed Use Corridor Zone with Special regulation 625R which allows for freestanding <br />retail. The 0.65 acre City property to the rear iszoned B-2 Restricted Business Park with a <br />Special Use provision 40U which allows for an office use on the property. <br />with no concerns raised as to the sale of the road allowance or the lot. As the unimproved road <br />allowance is still considered open, it will be required to be closed. <br />Transportation Services has no concerns with the closure of the right of way as it is not needed <br />to serve local traffic and only provides a secondary access to 544 Lancaster Street West. To <br />accommodate this access, the purchaser has agreed to provide an easement in favour of the <br />1 - 2 <br />